steps to eliminate odor

steps to eliminate odor

STEP 1 internal cleanse

deodorize internally with plenty of foods high in chlorophyll, fiber and water
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his step cleanses the body of odor causing compounds

  • stop consuming odor causing compounds
  • neutralize or flush odor causing compounds already in the body

avoid odor causing foods for at least 3 days

if odor causing foods can’t be avoided then minimize their consumption, thoroughly cooking them if possible to dilute odor compounds

avoid odor causing supplements for at least three days

if odor causing supplements can’t be completely avoided then consider decreasing the dose

add deodorizing foods to the diet

green leafy vegetables are a top priority for their chlorophyll, fiber and water content

water is another priority to help flush the body of odor causing compounds

add deodorizing supplements to the diet

magnesium, zinc and oregano oil are a top priority to

  • neutralize existing odor causing compounds
  • decrease odor causing microbes in the digestive tract

engage in some sweat inducing activity at least once per day

intensive exercise, sauna or similar will

  • speed up elimination of odor causing compounds
  • flush the skin pores

STEP 2 external cleanse

this step removes microbes and existing odor from the problem area

deodorize the problem area

the deodorizing method and tools depend on the odor location

deodorize everything that touches the area

include clothing, bedding, accessories and hygiene tools

set aside or replace anything that can’t be deodorized

if your problem area isn’t included here then get in touch

STEP 3 identify the root cause

keep a 7-10 day log of all food and drink, eliminations, symptoms and activities
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this step involves careful monitoring to find the root cause

log all food, activity, symptom and eliminations for the next 7-10 days

  • log odor levels at regular intervals
  • note any unusual urine and poop color, form and odor

if the odor returns then review the log to identify a cause

if the odor doesn’t return then the cause was likely a build up of odor causing compounds and/or microbes on the problem area

STEP 4 confirm the root cause

this step eliminates the identified root cause

prepare and deodorize to cleanse odor from the body again

repeat the internal cleanse and deodorization steps above

log food, activity, symptoms and eliminations again

do not reintroduce the identified cause for at least 7 days

if the odor returns then review the log to identify a new cause

if the odor doesn’t return then congratulations, the cause has been found

STEP 5 smell good forever with prevention

avoid bad breath and body odor by following a few guidelines
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this step considers permanent changes to prevent the odor from returning


the most effective solution is to permanently eliminate the root cause

however sometimes this isn’t a possible or healthy choice


the body might tolerate the root cause in small amounts without causing odor

a trial and error approach will determine if there is a tolerance level


if odor causing compounds can’t me eliminated or minimized then some steps can be taken to neutralize the odor to tolerable levels

  • increase consumption of deodorizing foods
  • use supplements that are effective for your particular odor
  • use a topical with an opposing scent to neutralize the odor
  • find the gentlest regular deodorization routine that doesn’t cause damage to body systems

get support

If you have complications or need in depth analysis and ongoing assistance and support you can book a comprehensive correspondence consult

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