odors of compounds

odors of compounds

all odors are the result of chemical combinations called compounds

the table below lists some compounds and their common odor descriptions

compoundcommon odor description
acetic acidvinegar
arsenicgarlic, alliaceous
benzenemothballs, gasoline
benzeneselenolrepulsive, pungent, characteristic
n-butanolbanana, sweet vodka, window cleaner, rancid alcoholic butter
butyl mercaptanrotten eggs
butyric acid / butyrate / butanoic acidrancid butter, vomit
butryic anhydriderancid butter, vomit
cadaverinerotten flesh
carbon diseleniderepulsive, pungent, characteristic
diallyl sulfidegarlic
dimethyl sulfidegarlic, cabbage, gasoline
n-dimethylethylamineammonia, fish
dimethyl disulfideonion, sulfurous, rotten eggs, garlic
dimethyl trisulfidepowerful, sulfurous, rotten eggs, garlic
formaldehydechemical, suffocating
2-heptanonebanana, fruity
geosminearthy, dirt after rain, petrichor
hydrogen sulfidesulfurous, rotten eggs
indolefecal, musty, mothballs , jasmine depending on concentration
isosyanidedeeply unpleasant
isovaleric acid (3-methyl butanoic acid)strong cheese , putridity
lipasesoapy, sour
2-mercaptoethanolrotten eggs, burnt rubber
methanethiolrotting cabbage
methioninesulfurous, rotten eggs
methyl mercaptanfaeces
3-methyl-3-sulfanylhexan-1-olstrong unpleasant boy odor
2-nonanonefruity, floral, herbaceous
2-nonenalgreasy, grassy, old people
osmium tetroxidechlorine
phenolsickeningly sweet, tarry, disinfectant
phenylmagnesium bromidepungent ether
prolinechlorine, semen
propionic acidvinegar
putrescinerotting flesh
pyridinerotten fish
pyritesulfurous, rotten eggs
selenidicdecayed horseradish, musty, metallic, dirty diaper
selenophenolhighly offensive skunk burning rubber
skatolefeces, defecation
sulfursulfurous, rotten eggs
thiophenolburning rubber
2,4,6 tribromoanisole (TBA)musty
trans-3-methyl-2-hexenoic acid (TMHA)skunk, cumin
trimethylaminerotting fish, rotting eggs, garbage, urine
tyrosinecabbage or rancid butter
undecanolactonefruity, peach, apricot
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