odors from microbes

odors from microbes

bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites inhabit every human body and just about every other living and inanimate thing

they normally either work in harmony with our own processes or lie dormant in wait for optimal conditions to multiply

if imbalance occurs in the body the harmony is disrupted, microbe overgrowth can occur and dormant microbes can become active and start to multiply

microbe byproducts can include many odorous compounds and, like food and supplements, if there are more compounds than the body can process then malodor can occur

odor perception is subjective and depends on genetics and sensitivity of the nose

the table below includes some microbes and their commonly perceived odor descriptions

microbeodor description
acinetobacter baumanniidirty gym socks or a gym locker
acinetobacter guillouiaefish
actinomycetesrich, musty, earthy, dirt after rain
alkaligenes faecalisfreshly cut apples
brevibacteriasulfuric, old cheese
candida/yeastyeasty, like baking bread or beer
citrobacterÿspeciesdirty sneakers
clostridium difficileputrid, fecal, horse shit
corynebacterium speciesfruity, cumin
cyanobacteria / cyanophytapotting soil, dirt
eikenella corrodensbleach
escherichia colifloral/flowery, fecal
fusobacteriumrancid butter, fetid
gardnerellafishy, ammonia
gram-negative anaerobesbad breath, morning breath
haemophilus influenzaeflowery
haemophilusÿspecieswet fur, mousy
malasseziagrassy, fruity
moraxella catarrhalispungent, semen-like
nocardia speciesrich, musty, earthy, dirt after rain, musty basement
paenibacillus odoriferbread
pasterurella multocidapungent (indole)
peptostreptococcus anaerobiusfecal
pigmented Bacterioides groupacrid
proteus mirabilisfishy, rotten cooked fish
proteus speciesrancid, rotten chicken broth, chocolate cake, brownie, burnt chocolate
pseudomonas aeruginosagrape juice, sweet, fruity, corn chips
psychrobacillus psychrotoleransband aid
staphylococcus lugdenensissweet, hay-like, earthy
staphylococcusÿspeciesdirty sneakers, strong cheese
streptococcus millericaramel, browned butter
streptococcusÿspeciesbutter, butterscotch, sweet, cake-like, caramel
streptomyces speciesrich, musty, earthy, dirt after rain, musty basement
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