odors from food

odors from food

which foods cause bad breath and body odor?

cruciferous vegetables are high in smelly sulfur compounds
cruciferous vegetables

this is a good question

a balanced whole food diet is an ideal way to nourish the body and mind

however, like some supplements, if you eat enough foods high in sulfur and other smelly compounds the odors can end up on your skin (via sweat and sebum) and breath (via the lungs)

the tolerable amount of smelly foods is different for everyone and depends on your genetics, lifestyle, environment and hormone status

some people, such as those with Trimethylaminuria (TMAU), have an extremely low tolerance for smelly compounds while others can eat fish and cabbage all day, every day

your tolerance level of smelly foods depends on your genetics and current metabolism capability of the individual

you can’t completely avoid smelly foods

some smelly foods are necessary for survival

there are some important things to be aware of before cutting out smelly foods:

  1. consumption of essential amino acids including odor causing methionine and phenylalanine are necessary for survival because the human body can’t produce them
  2. all identified smelly foods are nutritious and highly beneficial for some health conditions and lifestyles

here is a good approach to avoid a build up of smelly compounds in the body:

  1. avoid odor causing foods for three days as part of an internal cleanse in the steps to eliminate odor
  2. add small amounts of methionine and phenylalanine, gradually increasing to tolerable limits
  3. limit intake of other odor causing foods to small amounts, or consume intermittently, or find tolerable limits

you don’t smell bad to everyone

stale sweat body odor is less offensive in a gym setting than it would be in a restaurant

it is also worth mentioning that while you might smell bad to some people, other people might not be able to smell you at all or even find your smell to be pleasant

it all depends on the persons smell receptors and the environment you’re in

for example stale sweat type body odor is pretty well accepted in a gym but not so much in a restaurant

note – consumption of essential amino acids including methionine and phenylalanine are necessary for survival and it is important to moderate rather than eliminate these nutrients

plant based proteins tend to have less methionine and phenylalanine than animal based proteins

a high fiber and water content make many vegetables excellent deodorizing foods

there are also foods and supplements that can deodorize the body by neutralizing smelly compounds and optimizing metabolism

the table below includes some foods, their smelly compounds and their common odor description

foodsmelly compound/sodor description
alcohol acetone, ether acetone, stale alcohol
Allium plants and vegetables in all forms – seed, oil, root, stem, leaf, flower
sulfur sulfur, rotten eggs
amino acids abundant in red meat and organ meats
sulfur, cholinesulfur
amino acid abundant in red meat and organ meats
phenylalaninemusty, mousy
amino acid abundant in red meat and organ meats
tyrosineboiled cabbage
asparagus sulfur (from fertilizers)rotting cabbage
beetrootmethyl –> trimethylamine or TMA fishy
brazil nuts selenium, selenols decayed horseradish, garlic
cruciferous plants and vegetables in all forms – seed, oil, root, stem, leaf, flower
arugula / rocket
brussels sprout
collard greens
rutabaga / swede
field pepperweed
sulfur sulfur, rotten eggs
carrageenansulfursulfur, rotten eggs
cuminterpenes, cuminal rancid cumin
currysotolon, sulfurrancid curry
dairy foods
sulfur, choline, lipase rancid butter
eggssulfur, cholinesulfur, rotten eggs
fenugreek solotone bacon, rancid curry
high sulfur fruit
honeydew melon
paw paw
sulfur sulfur, rotten eggs
oily seafoods
sulfur, cholinesulfur, rotten eggs, fishy
sugar free foods and drinks that include aspartamephenylalaninemusty, mousy
tomatoesterpenes – lycopenetba
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