odors from disease

odors from disease

there are many medical conditions that cause body odor and bad breath

most diseases result from or cause internal imbalance in the body

some diseases come with an increase in odor causing compounds which leads to a distinct odor

these odors are excreted from lungs, skin and digestive tract via breath, sweat and eliminations

other odors of disease and disorders can be caused by some medications

odor perception is subjective and depends on genetics and sensitivity of the nose

the table below includes some diseases and their commonly perceived odor descriptions

disease / disorderodor description
acid reflux (GERD)sour, rotting food
neutropenia (agranulocytosis; granulocytopenia)putrefying meat
alzheimer diseasemilky musk, rye bread, creamy yeast
aplastic anemiadecaying blood
arsenic poisoninggarlicky body odor
autosomal agammaglobulinemiamousy
bacterial vaginosisfishy, rotting
blood dyscrasiasdecomposed blood
bromidrosisstrong sweat
bronchiectasisrotting flesh, putrefying meat
cancersyeast or fungi
cholerasweet smelling feces
cryoglobulinemiadecaying blood
cyanide poisoningalmond
diabetessweet, citrus and creamy pineapple, pear drops, ammonia
diabetic ketoacidosissweet, fruity, decomposing apples, acetone
emotional hyperhidrosisstrong sweat
essential hyperhidrosisstrong sweat
gastrointestinal hemorrhagerotting meat
gordmerella vaginalis ? vaginitisrancid, rotting
heerfordts syndromesulfur odor associated with bacteria overgrowth in dry mouth (xerostomia)
hemophiliadecaying blood
hemophilus parainfluenzae infectionmousy
herpes simplexdecaying blood
homocystinuriasweet musty
hyperaminoaciduriadried malt or hops
infectious mononucleosisdecaying blood
isovaleriaan aciditysweating feet
lactose intolerancesoured milk
liver cirrhosisdecayed wound
liver insufficiencydead mice, fetor hepticus
liver failuremousy, faintly sulfurous, fresh cadaver
lukemiadecaying blood
lung abscessrotting flesh
lung gangrenerotting flesh
macroglobulinemiadecaying blood
maple syrup urine disease (MSUD)maple syrup smelling urine
methionine metabolism disorderboiled cabbage
mikulicz?s diseasesulfur odor associated with bacteria overgrowth in dry mouth (xerostomia)
pancreatic juice putrefactionhunger breath
parkinsonsmusky, acrid
phenylketonuria (PKU)musty, mousy sweat and urine
pneumoniafoul breath
polycythemia veradecaying blood
portosystemic anastomosismousy, faintly sulfurous, fresh cadaver
pulmonary tuberculosisrotting flesh
renal / kidney insiffuciencyfish
renal / kidney failureurine, ammonia, stale urine
rheumatic feversweet, acid
salivary gland aplasiasulfur odor associated with bacteria overgrowth in dry mouth (xerostomia)
scalp fungal infectionmousy, musky
scrofulastale beer
scurvy / vitamin C deficiencyputrid
sinus infectionmothballs
Sj”gren?s syndromesulfur odor associated with bacteria overgrowth in dry mouth (xerostomia)
small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO)sewage, garbage (waxes and wanes)
smallpoxsweet pungent
thrombocythemiadecaying blood
thrombocytopenic purpuradecaying blood
trichomoniasispungent fishy
trimethylaminuria (TMAU)rotten fish, rotten cabbage, garbage
tuberculosis (TB)stale beer breath, wet brown cardboard and brine skin odor
typhoid feverbaked bread
von willebrand diseasedecaying blood
wegener?s granulomatisisrotting blood
yellow fevera butchers shop , raw meat
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