odor sources

mack griffin

odors of compounds

some compounds and their common odor descriptions

diseases that cause bad breath and body odor
sam burriss

odors from disease

many diseases cause unusual and unpleasant body and breath odor some of them are identified here

garlic and other allium vegetables are high in smelly sulfur compounds

odors from food

the food we eat plays a major role in the way we smell

some foods that can cause bad odor are identified here

many medications can cause bad breath or body odor
lore com

odors from medication

some medications can cause bad odor directly or indirectly by interfering with metabolism and hormone systems

some odor causing medications are identified here

many supplements can cause bad breath and body odor
amanda jones

odors from supplements

supplements are often concentrated compounds in isolated form so it makes sense that some of them can cause body odor

microbes that cause bad breath and body odor
louis reed

odors from microbes

microbes are a common cause of odor in the body, on the body, on fabrics and accessories and many other places

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