deodorizing with supplements

deodorizing with supplements

supplements are a very popular addition to a healthy whole food diet

modern farming of whole food tends to focus on size, appearance and quantity (profit) over nutrient density and quality (goodness)

some supplements, like many foods, can cause odor if consumed in large doses

also like some foods there are some supplements that can internally deodorize the body by neutralizing odor-causing compounds and optimizing metabolism

the logical approach is to minimize odor compounds and their effect on the body’s odor

  • avoid or minimize odor-causing supplements
  • consider deodorizing supplements if required

this can significantly improve body and breath odor

the tolerance level of odor-causing supplements depends on genetics and current metabolism capability of the individual

odor perception is subjective and depends on genetics and sensitivity of the nose

please note

if you are taking a prescribed supplement that might be causing unpleasant odor it is important not to adjust the dose without consulting your prescribing medical professional

odor-causing supplements

a table of odor causing supplements can be found in the odors from supplements topic

many supplements are highly concentrated forms of natural or synthetic compounds

so it makes sense that they can cause strong odors

many supplements are helpful for certain conditions and circumstances

however taking higher doses than the body can process can lead to a buildup of odor compounds in blood, tissue and digestive tract

these odor compounds are then excreted through breath, sweat and urine

a recommended approach to avoid build up of odor causing compounds:

  1. avoid odor causing supplements for three days in the prepare phase in the steps to eliminate odor
  2. if these supplements can’t be avoided then consider limiting intake to tolerable doses

deodorizing supplements

sometimes deodorizing supplements taken in addition to deodorizing foods can further improve odor

occasionally there is an anatomical or physiological cause for odor such as a genetic metabolism anomaly or gastrointestinal fistula

in these cases regular intake of deodorizing supplements can neutralize or speed up excretion of odor compounds in the body

chlorophyll us a commonly referenced internal deodorizing supplement

the deodorizing component of chlorophyll is magnesium

all dietary metals are deodorizing by their antimicrobial nature – magnesium, zinc, copper, iron, lithium, chromium, nickel, cobalt, vanadium, molybdenum, manganese, others

probiotics can re-balance an odor promoting digestive microbiome in some individuals

note supplements can lack co-factors normally found in whole foods

this means the body’s overall nutritional status can become imbalanced if taking supplements for long periods

for example taking high doses of zinc can block uptake of iron and other metals, eventually leading to deficiency symptoms

therefore it is important to continually monitor the body and mind for changes in state and adjust nutrition as required

charcoalabsorbs many compounds including odor-causing compoundsis indiscriminate so if taken in large quantities or for long periods of time will cause malnutrition related problemstake only occasionally if required for special occasion or similar
chlorophyllmany benefits including improved immunity, clearer skin, greater energy, and odor reduction from the magnesium componentcan be expensive
can be confused with the synthetic chlorophyllin which doesn?t contain magnesium and doesn?t improve odor
consuming whole fresh form in green leafy vegetables has more benefits
rely on consuming at least 100 grams green leafy vegetables every day (which includes fiber and many other nutrients ) to maximize benefits, rather than taking a chlorophyll supplement
dicalcium phosphatesource of minerals for tooth and repair, some evidence for body odor reductionexcessive use can cause mineral toxicitynone
digestive enzymescan break down proteins and fats quickly to limit their odor causing potentialcan cause severe gastric distress if taken in large doses or on an empty stomachnone
green tea extractgreen tea catechins have been shown to kill some odor causing odor bacteria when used as a mouthwashcaffeine content may not be tolerated by some people, studies only moderately reduced odor compounds in test subjects (10 ? 38%)recommend to consume green tea in the morning and swish around the mouth , rather than taking a green tea extract
use in addition to other methods of bad breath control
lactoferrinimmune support, heals inflammation, leaky gut, supports other antimicrobial supplementsexpensive, research is currently limitedconsider if immune conditions co-exist such as allergies, autoimmune, other
consider if leaky gut is suspected
liver cleansing tonics (which include milk thistle, dandelion, fennel)many benefits related to liver function including improved digestion, immunity, energycan be expensive, very rarely can cause digestive upset with long term useimplement a daily cup of herbal tea with milk thistle, dandelion, fennel to optimize liver function
magnesiummany other benefits including help with stress, sleep, inflammation, blood pressure, depression, migraines, diabetes, premenstrual tension, othercan cause diarrhea and/or apathy and/or sleepiness if taken in large amounts
comes in many forms which have different absorption rates in different people
can cause imbalance of other dietary metals such as iron, zinc, copper, calcium if taken in large amounts as they compete for the same absorption pathway
start with a small dose of magnesium powder mixed in some water taken in the afternoon. gradually increase until you find your personal limit. adjust dosage as necessary based on the body?s response and magnesium consumed in the diet.
metals in general such as iron, zinc, calcium, copperimbalance of metals can cause poor immune response and overgrowth of odor causing microbesmetals compete for absorption so supplementing should be approached carefully to avoid causing further imbalanceblood testing along with other symptoms can identify potential deficiencies. recommend to supplement under the supervision of a nutritionist. choose nutrient dense foods high in the required metals to suit your age, gender and lifestyle
white button mushroom extract (agaricus bisporus) also known as portobello, common, white, button, cultivated, table, champignon, swiss brown, roman brown, italian brown, cremini, crimini, chestnutsystemic deodorizer effective for fecal odor and nonenal odor common from middle age
can improve intestinal environment
appears to neutralize odor compounds in the digestive tract and is recommended to take with meals
not widely available outside Japan
can be expensive
dose dependent - higher dose is more effective
worth trying if sterilization and dietary adjustments aren't effective, and the ongoing cost isn't prohibitive
also consider adding mushrooms to the diet
olive leaf extractantibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, antiviral
ideal if fungal infection or SIBO or helicobacter pylori is suspected
indiscriminate, also decreases beneficial bacteriarecommended if SIBO, helicobacter pylori, fungal or other microbe infection is suspected
might need a good quality probiotic after treatment
oregano oilantibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, antiviral
ideal if fungal infection or SIBO or helicobacter pylori is suspected
indiscriminate, also decreases beneficial bacteriarecommended if SIBO, helicobacter pylori, fungal or other microbe infection is suspected
might need a good quality probiotic after treatment
oral probioticsdisplaces other microbes in the oral cavity including odor causing bacteria. also protects from other potential sickness causing invaders such as cold, flu & throat infection microbescan be expensive
the delivered microbes don't permanently populate the oral cavity so the effects are temporary
use for a few days after a sterilization to delay the return of potential odor causing bacteria
probioticsmany other benefits including nutrient optimization, allergy support, mental health, heart health, immune system function, digestive tract healthcan be expensive
difficult to select a quality product
the delivered microbes don't permanently populate the digestive tract so the effects are temporary
take up to 3 times per day for one bottle then consider switching to regular dietary intake with foods such as yogurt and other fermented foods
riboflavin (vitamin B2)an important member of the B complex vitamin family critical for overall health and vitality.
is a precursor for the metabolic pathway of some odor causing compounds
deficiency can contribute to fish odor syndrome in predisposed people
can decrease headaches
it is recommended to take b vitamins together in small doses to avoid imbalance and optimize their synergistic effect. large doses of some b vitamins are known to have negative effects.
there aren't many low dose b complex supplements in the market.
optimize riboflavin and other b vitamin intake within the diet
consider taking riboflavin if you have TMAU
xylitol toothpaste, gum and mintsstudies have shown xylitol to be effective at decreasing harmful bacteria while maintaining good bacteria levels
harmful bacteria consume xylitol but can't use it nutritionally
the consumed xylitol then blocks consumption of glucose, causing the bacteria to starve and die
this benefits the whole body's microbiome including the mouth, teeth, sinus cavities, ears and digestive tract
can be expensive, needs more researchchoose xylitol enriched toothpaste, gum and mints rather than other sweeteners if you already consume these products
zincmany other benefits including strong hair, nails, skin, sense of smell, particularly important supplement for sexually active males, smelly feet in particular is linked to zinc deficiencycompetes with other metals for absorption so best not to take in high dosestake once per day for up to 3 weeks then switch to an intermittent maintenance dose such as once every 2 or 3 days to allow absorption of other metals
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