deodorizing the whole body

deodorizing the whole body

odor emanating from the whole body often has internal metabolism factors

microbe overgrowth on the skin as a side effect of a challenged immune system can also be a factor

use of rancid products can also be a source of whole body odor

effectively treating whole body odor involves the following

  • check nutritional intake of odor causing compounds in food, supplements and medications
  • check for chronic conditions affecting immunity
  • check for nutritional deficiencies, particularly trace minerals, water soluble vitamins, fiber and hydration
  • check clothing and bedding cleaning techniques
  • deodorize internally and externally to restore microbial balance

once clothing, bedding and the body are deodorized there shouldn’t be any need for use of deodorant


deodorizing tools for underarms, genitals, whold body odor: chlorhexidine 4% surgical scrub, clean wash cloth, tap water, clean razor, moisturizer, clean towel, anti-fungal cream
deodorizing tools
chlorhexidine is a powerful antibacterial antifungal antiparasite antivirul used in surgery prep
chlorhexidine 4% surgical scrub

chlorhexidine 4% surgical scrub

chlorhexidine is a broad spectrum antimicrobial that will kill bacteria and fungi

chlorhexidine is commonly used for sterilization in hospitals and is typically colored pink

chlorhexidine is inexpensive and available from various online and in store retailers from as little as USD$5 for a 500ml pump bottle

there are many different brands containing 4% chlorhexidine and all will be effective

tap water can be used to deodorize smelly hair and scalp, bad breath, underarm odor, smelly genitals, smelly feet and whole body odor


tap water can be used with the chlorhexidine to wash and rinse the body

always use a clean dry washcloth when deodorizing to prevent recontamination

wash cloth

use a clean dry wash cloth each time to avoid recontamination

always use a clean dry towel after deodorizing to prevent recontamination
clean dry towel


use a clean dry towel each time to avoid recontamination

moisturizer is necessary after deodorizing the body to replace lost lipids or fats and provide a barrier


moisturizing underarms after deodorizing decreases sebum excretion and provides a protective skin barrier

any preferred moisturizer should be suitable

use a razor to shave hair and decrease the surface area for bacteria, fungus, parasites and viruses to populate

razor (optional)

removing body hair decreases the surface area that bacteria can populate

if it is preferred to keep body hair then take extra care to thoroughly clean the body and hair

antifungal cream can be used to kill off chronic fungal infections and any odor these may be causing
antifungal cream

anti-fungal cream (optional)

if any areas of skin is much darker in color than normal, has raised inflamed bumps or is prone to rashes then there might be a fungal overgrowth

this may be treated faster with a 2% ketoconazole anti-fungal cream or similar


deodorize internally

before deodorizing the body it is recommended to complete the prepare phase in the steps to eliminate odor

this step cleanses the body internally of odorous compounds

deodorize accessories

it is also recommended to deodorize all fabrics, tools and accessories that touch the body to prevent re-contamination

if anything can’t be deodorized or replaced then set it aside for now

deodorize the whole body

  1. rinse the body well with warm water
  2. use approximately 3-4 teaspoons of chlorhexidine and a wet wash cloth to cleanse the whole body
  3. leave on skin for approximately 2 minutes before rinsing well with warm water
  4. pat dry with a clean dry towel
  5. if underarm or genital skin is much darker than normal or is prone to rashes or has inflamed bumps then apply a small amount of anti-fungal cream
  6. moisturize the body including underarms and genitals to protect from dryness and damage
  7. do not use antiperspirant or any other type of deodorant
  8. wear deodorized or new cotton clothing

if the environment is hot or if you sweat a lot, you may need to wipe underarms with a wet washcloth and 1teaspoon chlorhexidine once during the day

alternatively chlorhexidine 2% wipes are available online, or some individuals have successfully used acne wipes with salicylic acid

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