deodorizing bad breath

deodorize bad breath

use this method to eliminate all possible causes of bad breath including diet, oral hygiene, sinuses and tonsil stones

there are many possible causes of bad breath

permanently getting rid of bad breath starts with finding the root cause

the root cause can be found by following the steps to eliminate odor

steps to deodorize bad breath

1. deodorize internally

deodorize internally with plenty of foods high in chlorophyll, fiber and water
pintando la luz

deodorize internally by adjusting the diet

deodorizing internally will decrease smelly compounds in

  • body tissues
  • organs
  • digestive tract
  • the blood

this will limit smelly odors

  • exhaled from lungs
  • sweated from skin
  • eliminated by farting, urine and poop

2. deodorize the mouth

deodorize the mouth with a very thorough hygiene process

you can achieve this with inexpensive and readily available products

  • local supermarket
  • dollar store
  • pharmacy
  • online

3. deodorize the sinuses

sea salt is used to incrrease the pH toward 7 for flushing the sinuses sea salt is also antimicrobial
sea salt

sinus cavities can cause bad breath from the following sources

  • compacted mucus
  • post nasal drip
  • adenoid stones
  • chronic infection

these conditions all provide a food source for smelly microbes

gently flushing the sinuses with a sterile saline solution can

  • loosen and release compacted mucus
  • dislodge adenoid stones and
  • flush mucus proteins from the sinus cavities

microbe overgrowth in mucus lining the sinus and throat can cause bad breath that you can smell but others can’t

this condition is often referred to as halitophobia or olfactory reference syndrome

4. deodorize the tonsils

pharyngel tonsil in the sinus tubal tonsils at each ear's eustacian tube entry palatine tonsils on each side of the back of the mouth and lingual tonsil behind / below the tongue

tonsil stones are becoming more common

this is likely due to less use of mouth and throat muscles as we do less of the following

  • talk
  • eat fiber
  • eat bulky foods
  • move the head and neck

some people get tonsil stones regularly and need to deodorize the tonsils every day or so

other people experience tonsil stones after a period of stress, illness or bad dietary habits

5. check for and treat reflux

reflux is an increasingly common cause of bad breath

it is a complex condition to diagnose and treat for the following reasons

  • symptoms are variable for different people
  • there are many different causes
  • typically prescribed medications such as acid inhibitors often make the problem worse

onthenose will publish information to get rid of reflux in the near future

in the meantime if reflux is causing your bad breath book a consult and a practitioner can help you

6. other

other causes of bad breath can be more difficult to get rid of

some diseases and medications can’t be stopped or changed in a hurry

however there are some ways to neutralize or balance unavoidable odor compounds and minimize their offensiveness

for example, persimmon tannins are effective at neutralizing nonenal

nonenal emits the ‘old people smell’ caused by omega-7 fatty acid oxidation on the skin of people aged over 40

get support

If you have complications or need in depth analysis and ongoing assistance and support you can book a comprehensive correspondence consult

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