deodorizing guides

step by step guides to deodorize bad breath and body odor

get rid of smelly hair and scalp
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deodorizing hair and scalp

eliminate hair and scalp odor with this thorough essential oil treatment process

get rid of underarm odor smelly armpits

deodorizing underarms

follow this process to get rid of underarm odor quickly and gently

causes of smelly feet foot odor
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deodorizing feet

fresh smelling feet take a tiny bit of daily effort but the benefits are well worth it

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deodorizing bad breath

eliminating bad breath starts with addressing oral hygiene then deodorizing other possible causes identified here

deodorizing the mouth

deodorizing the tonsils

deodorizing the sinus cavities

get rid of body odor
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deodorizing genitals

genitals are very sensitive and should be treated with care to pH balance with deodorizing methods identified here

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deodorizing the whole body

deodorizing the whole body is generally a process of internal cleansing with some external cleansing here to help in the meantime

deodorizing fabrics, clothes, tools and accessories
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deodorizing fabrics and accessories

fabrics, accessories and tools can all be a source of odor causing microbes and smelly odors ready to recontaminate the body

foods that make you smell good

deodorizing with foods

internal cleansing includes monitoring odor compound intake via food along with consuming deodorizing foods identified here

supplements and bad breath or body odor
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deodorizing with supplements

supplements can help speed up the deodorization process and also neutralize odor compounds that can’t be avoided

get support

If you have complications or need in depth analysis and ongoing assistance and support you can book a comprehensive correspondence consult