tell someone they have bad breath or body odor

tell someone they have personal odor

telling someone they have a weird smell is tricky

no-one wants to tell someone that they are less than perfect right now

no-one wants to hear they are causing an unpleasant experience for others

we all want to be liked

onthenose has carefully constructed a gentle message that addresses any odor situation and wraps it in kindness

price below with currency conversion

GBP £13   EUR €15   USD $16   AUD $23   NZD$25

onthenose will

  • check the message for malicious content
  • send the message without identifying you
  • send the message immediately or you can choose a date and time
  • have an experienced practitioner available if the recipient needs emotional and/or practical support
  • forward any response from the recipient to you

to send an anonymous caring message

  • click the help someone button
  • complete the form
  • preview the message
  • select a time to send
  • pay by debit card, credit card or paypal

alternatively you can complete the form and click preview message to copy the message and send yourself

get support

If you have complications or need in depth analysis and ongoing assistance and support you can book a comprehensive correspondence consult

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