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soft white bristle bamboo toothbrush

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soft white bristle bamboo toothbrush

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soft white bristle bamboo toothbrush

  • recyclable packaging
  • soft bristles for gentle tooth and gum health
  • ergonomically shaped handle
  • white bristles don’t hide dirt, debris or microbes
  • bamboo handle is home compostable
  • suitable for adults and children
  • also useful as an eyebrow brush
  • can use to gently clean jewellery & other fiddly items
  • ideal as a disposable toothbrush for travel
  • replace the toothbrush more often to maintain fresher breath

an inexpensive disposable soft white bristle toothbrush is the best option to deodorize breath

using a toothbrush with good technique is effective at removing surface buildup

but brushing can also wear away tooth enamel if firm bristles are used or the teeth are brushed too frequently

white bristles can be inspected for debris or discoloration as one indicator of cleanness, while colored bristles can hide the signs of microbe build up

toothbrush bristles are generally made from synthetic material which tends to retain odors and microbes and is impossible to completely sterilize

a toothbrush should be thoroughly cleaned and allowed to dry after every use

a toothbrush can be cleaned by rinsing under the tap, swishing in hydrogen peroxide 3% for 30 seconds then allowing to dry

when working to get rid of bad breath permanently it is ideal to replace the toothbrush every one week to ensure the mouth isn’t being recolonized by microbes from the toothbrush



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Weight 30 g
Dimensions 17.3 × 1.4 × 1.9 mm

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