Oral-B PRO100 Interdental Cleaning Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush + Travel Case


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rechargeable electric toothbrush with a floss like head and travel case

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If you have never used an electric toothbrush before then you are in for a treat.
When combined with a good technique your teeth will feel like you’ve just hopped out of the dentists chair – without the stress, cost and time!

If you have used an electric toothbrush but are struggling to clean between teeth, or if you travel frequently, then this is the toothbrush for you

Excessive and aggressive brushing with an electric toothbrush has been known to contribute to gumline recession.

With this in mind it is a good idea to take your time with brushing.

Angle the head and use a very gentle pressure to sweep away plaque and microbes from all the crevices where these tend to build up.

This includes the gumline and between teeth.

A 45 degree angle is effective for most people to allow rotating bristles to sweep away debris.

An electric toothbrush doesn’t need to be used every day to be effective at keeping teeth super smooth and can be alternated with a soft bristle toothbrush to maintain excellent oral health.

Regular use of an electric toothbrush will almost certainly decrease the number of dental visits needed in your lifetime.

This rechargeable electric toothbrush has a small discreet charging base and comes with one floss action brush head.

Other heads from the same Oral-B family can also be used with this toothbrush.

The Oral-B FlossAction brush head features MicroPulse bristles that help provide a deep clean between teeth. The bristles on the professionally inspired round brush head are designed to clean deep between teeth to remove up to 100% more plaque than a regular manual toothbrush.



Why Oral -B? Because Oral-B is the first electric toothbrush brand accepted by the American Dental Association for effectiveness and safety.* Thanks to Oral-B, keeping your mouth healthy has never been easier. You'll feel the difference. *For oscillating- rotating pulsating brushes

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Weight 500 g
Dimensions 22 × 23 × 8 mm


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