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pure copper tongue scraper

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hygienic long lasting copper tongue scraper

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100% pure copper tongue scraper

  • plastic free
  • ergonomically designed
  • effective against bad breath
  • removes toxins and plaque from the tongue
  • improves oral hygiene
  • improves taste-bud sensitivity
  • strengthens immunity
  • will last many years
  • packed and shipped in plastic free packaging

A tongue scraper is the most effective method of removing odor causing biofilm (plaque) from the back of the tongue

Recent studies indicate bad oral bacteria can contribute to heart disease and other chronic illness

Gently scraping the tongue as a daily ritual upon rising and before sleeping will lead to fresher breath and better long term well being

Ayurvedic practice uses the ancient art of copper tongue scraping to maintain both oral health and overall wellness

Copper is a highly antimicrobial metal, especially when wet, making it the best choice for a tongue scraper that can be used for many years

Keep the tongue scraper clean from debris and the teal colored verdigris which is toxic if ingested

Copper naturally tarnishes over time and this doesn’t affect its antimicrobial properties

Tarnish on any copper or metal can be removed if desired by polishing with vinegar or lemon juice

approximate dimensions: 120mm * 70mm * 8mm

Made in India



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Additional information

Weight 21 g
Dimensions 12 × 7 × 0.8 mm

9 reviews for pure copper tongue scraper

  1. Cara

    great product for the price and excellent communications

  2. Aleki

    great product and excellent communications

  3. Megan

    fast delivery and item as described thanks

  4. Jasmine

    Thank you for your prompt shipment!

  5. aldrin

    great item thanks

  6. Kane

    Excellent!! Fast, helpful, polite – 100% would recommend

  7. Shalini

    Thank you and very happy with my purchase super fast delivery and communication.Highly recommend !

  8. KA

    Everything was effortless. Quality item received with note . Thank you so much. 🙂

  9. MJ

    WOW thanks for the speedy delivery!!!…. what a fantastic product… have an awesome weekend!!!

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