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neutralizing odor with zwaardemaker pairs

neutralizing odor with zwaardemaker pairs

Henry Zwaardemaker was a Dutch Physiologist who invented the olfactometer in 1888

The olfactometer is still less sensitive than the human nose today

Zwaardemaker also discovered that certain pleasant aromas blocked the perception of specific foul odors, effectively neutralizing their scent

These pleasant aromas and the corresponding foul odor they each blocked were termed zwaardemaker conjugates or zwaardemaker pairs and are listed here

odorz-pair essential oilodor common sourcesodor characteristicsz-pair active ingredient
Butyric acidJuniper Oilvomit, flesh decomposition, rancid dairy productsvomit, rancid butter
AmmoniaRose Oilurine, liver failureIonone
TobaccoWintergreen Oilcigarette smokeMethyl salicylate
MuskBitter Almond OilBenzaldehyde
RubberCedar Oil
SkatoleCedar OilFeces, Coal Tarfeces, defecation
MercaptanEucalyptus OilsulfurEucalyptol
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