Frequently Asked Questions

why do I have odor?

you are an unfortunate case of a ‘perfect storm’ where one or more factors of your life is causing you to produce an unpleasant odor

do you sell treatment products?

yes some products and treatment packs can be purchased from our shop
if you are having trouble finding any product product get in touch

what are your payment options?

all payments are currently handled with paypal
The booking and donation forms accept paypal, credit card or debit card
If you are looking for a different option such as bank transfer please get in touch

can I buy now and pay later?

you can set up a paypal account with a credit option and use that to buy now and pay later
there are no other buy now and pay later options at the moment

can I cancel my consult?

you can cancel your consult at any time
refund conditions are as follows:

>> full refund if cancelled within 7 days of payment and you have not submitted your consultation form

>> full refund within 7 days of payment and you have submitted your consultation form and a practitioner hasn’t made first contact

>> 25%-75% refund within 7 days of payment and you have submitted your consult form and a practitioner has made first contact but not second contact. the refund amount depends on the practitioners progress with your consult form

>> all other cancellation refunds will be considered on a case by case basis

can I cancel my donation?

a full refund will be given if requested within 7 days of the transaction

can my medical doctor (MD) or dentist help me?


MDs and dentists are extensively trained to understand and solve many different problems with complex body symptoms

while malodor affects everyone at some stage of their lives, it is usually temporary and self-resolving

chronic malodor is rare, difficult to objectively measure, and not very well understood yet by the medical profession

an MD or dentists ability to help depends on whether they have the knowledgebase to make an accurate diagnosis within your appointment time

medical professionals can also be insensitive to malodor to some extent, because they are exposed to many odorous compounds of disease and medication every day

all senses, including the nose, turn blind to frequently encountered stimulants to ensure the senses are available to detect new (and therefore potentially dangerous) odors

this is also known as olfactory fatigue

your MD or dentist might not be able to detect your odor

what are your qualifications?

there are currently two practitioners consulting for onthenose
onthenose practitioners are experienced applied nutritionists with a scientific and practical kowledgebase of identifying and resolving adult human malodor quickly, gently and permanently

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get support

If you have complications or need in depth analysis and ongoing assistance and support you can book a comprehensive correspondence consult