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even celebrities deal with bad breath and body odor

even celebrities deal with bad breath and body odor

we tend to spend a lot of time looking for clues that our beloved celebrities are normal and just like us

which explains why there is a lot of media dedicated to the flaws of the famous

an brief comment about a stars breath or body odor tends to stick around

repeated over and over again for many years in every sound-bite addressing the topic

most of the time our celebs smell like fresh diamond studded rainbows drenched in morning dew

but a few of the same superstars make the smelly lists over and over again

even our beloved celebrities suffer from bad breath and body odor

I trawled this topic and found that microbes aren’t bothered about fame, social status or bank balance

armpits are armpits, mouths are mouths and feet are feet

microbes love them all

childhood scents
a childhood friend reportedly claimed that christina aguilera smelled like hot dogs as a child
christina aguilera

saying a child smells bad is like saying puppies aren’t cute

I have a friend who smelled distinctly but not unpleasantly like cheddar cheese when we were kids

so it’s not entirely unbelievable that Christina Aguilera might have secreted a hot dog aroma as a mouseketeer

she might have had chronically high stress hormone (cortisol) levels with her work and home situations

this may have made her prone to slightly elevated skin microbes such as Malassezia which altered her scent

my friend smells pretty neutral these days unless she’s a couple of days into a music festival or hanging over a night on the chardonnay

Christina’s natural scent has no doubt also moved on and she probably smells likes she looks – fresh and sweet

saying no to deodorant and excessive washing

some of the rich and famous care deeply about the environment, the health of their children and the health of themselves

this has led them to skipping the deodorant and excessive washing

they’re okay with occasionally smelling like ripe earthy humans

some of them might have excessive odor causing microbes and could benefit from an underarm microbe transplant currently being researched by malodor generating bacteria experts at Doctor Armpit

a less scientific method could work by sterilizing the skin then rubbing against a person who doesn’t wear deodorant and doesn’t smell strong

getting into character

many actors prepare for roles by living the character to bring authenticity to their performance

for some this includes ultra relaxed hygiene habits that generated enough odor for colleagues to complain publicly

it is very unique and somewhat disturbing that anyone would go out of their way to smell bad on purpose

however it speaks volumes for their high self-esteem and dedication to the craft to put themselves and everyone else through it

drinking coffee and smoking

the benefits of smoking are always overlooked because the drawbacks are simply not worth it

smoking is a proven treatment for irritable bowel syndrome

it also is a powerful appetite suppressant, mood enhancer and nootropic with both calming and stimulating properties

however lung disease, heart disease and foul odor easily trump these benefits

combine coffee with smoke and you get a mouth bomb of bitter drying acridness and some seriously offensive odor compounds

the foolproof remedy is to quit

or at least cut down

or at a bare minimum constantly flush the mouth and throat with water and dietary fiber

eating smelly foods and supplements

fish, garlic and onions have all featured on the breath of celebrities kissing other celebrities for a movie

supplement breath has also featured from chinese dirt herbs to selenium or a penchant for brazil nuts

the remedy for these situations is obvious

everybody should eat smelly foods all of the time so we all smell the same

restricting calories

calorie restriction is a cheap and fast way to quickly lose fat and muscle

it is also proven to prolong life and resolve many chronic diseases

muscles eventually run out of glycogen (stored carbohydrate fuel source) on a calorie restricted diet

the body then converts fat stores to ketones as an alternative fuel source

ketones have a strong acetone or nail polish remover odor

these odors circulate through the body and out of the lungs via breath

most celebrities are likely to have had ketone breath at some point in their careers

especially in the lead up to filming or awards season

hunger breath is another diet-related phenomenon

hunger breath odor is caused by putrefied pancreatic juice and/or stagnant digestive tract tissue and mucus

the solution for ketone and hunger breath is to mask it as much as possible with plenty of xylitol gum and mints

hormone-driven body odor

body odor that gets out of control despite strict hygiene habits is tough for anyone let alone famous performers under constant scrutiny

women’s body odor is often stronger just before and during menstruation

this is due to fluctuating estrogen levels and it’s impact on the body’s microbe concentrations

high estrogen levels tend to be anti-bacterial but can promote fungal overgrowth

low estrogen levels don’t support fungal growth but allow for opportunistic bacteria, if present, to multiply and cause odor

if a fungal or bacterial growth rises too high it can be difficult for the body to get under control on its own

the gentlest remedy for this kind of odor is to adjust the diet to improve the bodies other defences against microbes

using antimicrobial hygiene products during pre-menstruation will also help prevent odor causing microbe overgrowth

digestive tract microbe overgrowth

our beloved celebrities are just like us and suffer digestive tract microbe overgrowth

odor causing microbes can flourish anywhere between the mouth and the anus

  • prosthetics such as dentures, grills, veneers, caps or crowns
  • medications causing dry mouth (xerostomia) which favors odor causing bacteria in the mouth
  • helicobacter pylori in the stomach causing reflux, ulcers and halitosis
  • small intestine bacteria overgrowth (SIBO) causing sewage breath and other odors related to reflux, post nasal drip and indigestion
  • large intestine bacterial imbalance or a very high protein diet causing excessive farting

microbe overgrowth can be kept under control a tailored regime of oregano oil, goldenseal, olive leaf extract and lactoferrin

dry mouth or xerostomia can be managed with sour foods and lozenges to stimulate saliva flow

prescription medication can also treat both microbe overgrowth and xerostomia in extreme cases

odors of medication

along with xerostomia, chemicals in medications can cause distinct odors that are difficult to describe in words

whereas the odor of microbes and putrefaction are often recognizable

the best solution to this type of odor is to alter medication to a tolerable dose or change to a different type

where this isn’t possible then a deodorizing foods, deodorizing supplements, a regular deodorizing hygiene routine and use of deodorizing products can bring odors of medications to acceptable levels

the farters

we’re all farters, but some of us fart more than others

excessive farting can be caused by eating too much protein in one sitting

any protein that doesn’t get absorbed in the small intestine becomes fodder for the microbiome in the large intestine

the result is very pungent gas

lactose and other food intolerance and a fast moving digestive tract can also cause excessive farting

the solution here is also obvious

we should all eat too much protein and dairy and fart all day long

so we can become fit and strong and beautiful like our farting celebrities

the freshest celebrities

finally there are the celebrities that get called out for smelling amazing

prince reportedly has a strong lavender scent that enters a room a while before he does

and the legendary lavender scent that preceded prince wherever he went

note: this post was written to provide a plausible, but not actual, explanation for celebrities who have allegedly olfactorily offended at least one person who subsequently mentioned it to the media

the celebrities possibly didn’t smell at all and the comment was a joke or the source was lying or misinterpreted by the media

if you find this post offensive please get in touch

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