what we do

onthenose.co.nz provides information, tools and support to eliminate personal odor, including bad breath and body odor

  • quickly
  • gently
  • permanently
  • without expensive snake oils

our information and tools and support will resolve most personal odor problems

addressing bad breath and body odor

bad breath and body odor are not heavily researched nor openly discussed for several reasons

odor perception varies from person to person

whether an odor is bad depends on both the nose of the person smelling and the context or environment

consider a pungent cheese aroma

  • can be pleasant to an adult who likes eating blue cheese
  • causes repulsion if smelt in a busy gym
  • causes strong disgust to most children in any situation
  • may not be noticed at all by some people

odor is expensive to measure accurately

gas chromatography, mass spectrometry & olfactometers reliably detect odor causing compounds but using these machines is

  • a time-consuming specialist practice
  • impractical for large scale studies or regular clinical use

bad odor is a taboo topic

there is a whole gamut of embarrassing personal conditions that society doesn’t like to talk about

however, unlike genital warts, piles or an extra nipple, bad breath and body odor are difficult to hide

odor research is not profitable

getting rid of most bad odors is usually a matter of stopping or changing an activity that is causing the odor

this usually involves a simple lifestyle change and often less use of deodorizing products

companies likely to sponsor this kind of research are large scale manufacturers of deodorant and mouthwash

these companies would not benefit from publishing research that shows their products can actually make body odor and bad breath worse

getting rid of bad breath and body odor

the biggest challenge to eliminating personal odor is identifying the root cause

onthenose.co.nz overcomes this challenge by considering the whole person

  • anatomy
  • current health
  • health history
  • genetic factors
  • lifestyle
  • diet
  • medications
  • other

the vast majority of personal odors can be traced to a root cause

once the root cause is found it is usually simple and inexpensive to eliminate personal odor permanently and without prescription medicines or surgical intervention

Odor Location

the first step to finding the root cause of personal odor is to identify the physical location/s of the odor

  • bad breath or halitosis
  • smelly hair and scalp
  • genital odor
  • underarm odor
  • foot odor
  • whole body odor
  • smelly farts
  • other

Odor Source

the next step is to identify possible body system imbalances that might be creating ideal conditions for odor

  • internal – imbalance in or on a body system [digestive, excretory, endocrine, immune, lymphatic, skin, urinary, respiratory, other]
  • external – imbalance caused by products being placed in or on the body [food, supplements, medication, cleansers, lotions, clothes, other]
  • environmental – imbalance caused by circumstantial exposure to odor-causing factors [microbes, allergies, humidity, heat, metals, workplace conditions, other]

Odor Cause

once imbalances have been identified, the last diagnostic step is to determine the root cause of the odor

  • microbial waste – bacteria, yeasts & parasites in or on the body excreting malodorous compounds
  • rancidity – oxidation and hydrolysis breaking down products to malodorous compounds
  • accumulation – over-consumption, under-excretion or metabolic disorder leading to build up of malodorous compounds to detectable levels.

Treatment Plan

an accurate diagnostic process means we can create a personalized and targeted treatment plan that is accurate, simple, effective, inexpensive and repeatable

the goals of all treatment plans are

  • eliminate – permanently remove the root cause
  • prevent – prevent the odor from returning
  • neutralize or deodorize – minimize the unpleasantness of any odor

a successful treatment plan includes 3 phases

  • immediate – what can be done right now to eliminate or at least minimize the odor
  • short term – what can be done in the short term to permanently resolve the odor
  • long term – what can be adjusted in daily practices to prevent the odor from returning

our consult process

our consult process is carefully constructed to consider every possible cause of personal odor

This makes our consult practice






we collect a lot of information, carefully consider all factors, and support each client through the treatment process to make sure they achieve a result

  1. methodically troubleshoot complex body systems including form, function, lifestyle, history, diet and product use
  2. carefully consider food, supplement, medication, environment and other factors affecting odor
  3. provide responsive, logical, informative and considerate communication
  4. provide support throughout the diagnostic and treatment process